Time To Get Out The Lawn Mower

lawn mowerProper mowing is the most superb way of keeping the lawn of your garden health. Grasses behave like most plant in that, if you clip off the crown which is the growing part of the grass where the new leaves develop, the grass branches out and becomes denser. The end result is that the thousands individual plants grows to tightly woven lawn.

You will agree that mere act of mowing is not what makes a lawn to flourish and look good. Mowing is an art that many have specialized in through practice in order to acquire the important skills essential to anyone who intend to successfully walk behind lawn mower. A mower is a machine that uses rotating blades to cut a lawn and requires to be handled with great care. This means that one has to be familiarized with the general functionality of a mower not just knowing how to push it.

Lawn mowers come in many designs, each suited for particular purposes. For small gardens and residential places, the smallest type which uses human labor to move it is ideal. On the other hand, the large, self-contained, ride on mowers is more suited to large lawns such as pitches. For large expanses of land such a golf courses and parks, multi-gang pulled by tractors are more economical and efficient.
How make a perfect lawn cut

Check the height of the blades. Mowing height determines how healthy and attractive the end result of a cut will be. Many lawn mowers can be easily adjusted. Good mowing practices involve a season based program. At the start of a mowing season, set the blades of your mower high then gradually lower then over the weeks. The main cutting height is 2.5cm which can be reached in gradual steps. Always remember that mowing causes stress to the grass as it removes the agents responsible for the food manufacturing. Cutting lower than 2.5cm can result in a lawn that is highly susceptible to drought and other issues because it is weakened.

Move strategically. During the mowing session, you may consider to use the following procedural steps that have proved effective to many:

Start by working you lawn around the edge.

As you walk behind lawn mower, put the power cable over your shoulder. This is a precaution measure that helps avoid cutting through the cable accidentally. Father using measure involves connecting it to an RCD to prevent electrocution.

Cut up and down the length while working from left-hand of the lawn.

Try and overlap slightly the previous stripe each time.

Check to empty the collection box regularly to prevent it from dropping clumps of clippings on the garden.
Finally, for a neat result, cut the edges with the lawn shears or use grass trimmer to give the lawn a final touch.

Test the lawn mower before use. The test helps in setting of the correct clipping height and to determine the speed or frequency of the blade. You may consider cutting a small portion first to serve as a test sample then draw conclusion from the results.

Hire a professional. These skilled personnel have enough experience of handling lawn mowers and can offer needed help in making your garden one of the best.

Safety precautions

To avoid injuries as you mow the lawn, observe the following measures:

Know the equipment. Read and understand the owner`s manual.

Wear protective clothing and check the lawn before mowing. Remove hard objects such as stone or metal rods that can cause interference.

Protect your hearing by using earplugs or use earmuff-type for your protection.

Keep children and pets far away from the lawn. Always supervise children if you chose to allow them operate the mower. Never give them a ride on the mower or let them play nearby.

Tackle hill carefully. Hill and slopes pose constant danger as the mower can flip over or get out of control.

Take great care when fueling. Wait for the mower to cool before fueling by allowing time, say, 10 minutes. Never let the fuel to overflow or spill on the mower.

Turn off the mower. You should never leave the mower running unattended.

Maintaining your mower in good condition by cleaning and oiling after use, will not only ensure good results but also lengthen its lifespan.

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